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There are Lithuanian communities in Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart and Perth. Lithuanian communities have been formed in South Africa in the course of the late nineteenth and 20th century, the majority being Jewish.

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Poland was extremely supportive of Lithuanian independence, and have become one of the first countries to acknowledge unbiased Lithuania (on 26 August 1991). Despite that, there was a relative disaster within the early 1990s, because of alleged Lithuanian mistreatment of its Polish minority, and Lithuanian concerns that Poland sought again to place Lithuania under its sphere of influence, and even problem territorial claims. On 28 September 1992 the foreign ministers of each nations signed a declaration of friendship and neighborly relations and a consular conference, rejecting any territorial claims and promising to respect the rights of their corresponding minorities.

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Some migrated to the north, reaching central Russia and southwestern Finland, and even Sweden; other tribes traveled northwest till they reached the shores of the Baltic Sea; still others discovered themselves in central Europe, and so on. When the newly arrived inhabitants settled permanently in their new properties, the sluggish evolution of various Indo-European nations started. The means of cultural evolution was extra fast in these areas the place the invaders found a more superior culture, and the affect of the local tradition is much more noticeable. And the evolution of language trusted the power of the native element that influenced the Indo-European language.


Continental AG in 2018 started to build a manufacturing unit for top precision automotive electronics – biggest greenfield funding project in Lithuania up to now. Another German manufacturer of lighting know-how Hella opened a plant in 2018 in Kaunas FEZ, which will produce sensors, actuators and management modules for automotive industry. Lithuania’s automotive cluster experienced vital growth during the past 5 years.

Smolensk was retained, Pskov and Veliki Novgorod ended up as Lithuanian dependencies, and a long-lasting territorial division between the Grand Duchy and Moscow was agreed in 1408 in the treaty of Ugra, where a great battle did not materialize. During Vytautas’ reign, Lithuania reached the peak of its territorial growth, however his bold plans to subjugate all of Ruthenia were thwarted by his disastrous defeat in 1399 at the Battle of the Vorskla River, inflicted by the Golden Horde. Vytautas survived by fleeing the battlefield with a small unit and realized the need of a everlasting alliance with Poland. The Lithuanian state of the later 14th century was primarily binational, Lithuanian and Ruthenian (in territories that correspond to the fashionable Belarus and Ukraine).